Sketch: Cookie Scoop

This time I used a different sketchbook, this Strathmore Drawing 80lb Premium Recycled paper (9×12). The “Richeson” label at the bottom is the mark of my portable wooden easel that I’ve been using.


Here are my charcoal materials. They include willow charcoal, compressed charcoal, charcoal pencils (including white), kneaded erasers and paper blenders.


My initial sketch:


Next I laid down some charcoal to get started, an underpainting of sorts.


I’ve been told not to use my fingers to smudge the charcoal because the oils from your fingers get on the paper, but I still do it anyway. I like the effect and the process of working that closely with my hands. I did also use a paper blender in places narrower than my finger (after first attempting unsuccessfully with fingers).


I mostly used my willow charcoal (along with my 4H pencil), but I did add a bit of soft charcoal pencil for some definition and detail.


It’s been a while since I worked on a charcoal drawing with such small details. It was harder than I remembered! I have a habit of sticking with the medium willow charcoal no matter what, but there is a thinner one I could use, it just breaks easily. Again, this is a fast sketch and not a polished drawing. I’m using these as practice and as a learning tool.


Next week I’m planning on redrawing the cookie scoop and using colored pencil. It should be a fun experiment. I didn’t want to stuff too much into one post (and I’m still waiting on those Prismacolors–less than one week!!) After that, I hope to get inspired to do a bigger project, which will mean less frequent posting for a while, unless I decide to do mid-project updates.


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