Sketch: Cookie Scoop

As promised, here is my rendition of the cookie scoop in colored pencil. My starting sketch was similar to the one I made for my charcoal piece.


I wanted to play around with color, looking for different hues from just gray and silver. I ended up incorporating some dark green, peach, light blue, cream, and orange-red in addition to warm and cool grays.


For some reason I had more difficulty than usual keeping my pencils sharp enough to fill in the valleys of the paper (from my recycled sketch book), which affected my placement of highlights that would have created a more realistic reflective look. I also had to use a lot more layers to get enough pigment down to even start blending it. I much prefer the mixed media paper for colored pencil at this point. But I wanted to save the good paper for finished drawings. Some of the colors got a bit muddy as I mixed them, which tells me that I should have taken advantage of practicing on my scratch paper. Also, I could have done better with the light values. I am somewhat disappointed overall, but I am happy with how the scoop part turned out.

All in all, I didn’t quite succeed at the painterly effect I was going for, and I spent a lot more time than I planned on this sketch. But it’s all part of the learning experience, which is valuable in itself. Not everything I do is going to be perfect, and that’s okay.


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