Sketch: Sunglasses

This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. As I’ve said, I’m terrified of working with anything I can’t erase. So I forced myself to do a sketch in ink, and not start over. I happened to randomly have a Pigma Micron pen with archival ink lying around (random, I know), so I used that. I had to be very deliberate with each line I put down. The perspective is way off (from what I saw in real life), but at least you can definitely tell what it’s supposed to be.


I experimented with cross-hatching, which is what I usually see in ink drawings. I don’t have a lot of experience with light/dark values in cross-hatching, so I didn’t like how it looked when I just left the lines farther apart to indicate a “lighter” area. I could use some practice with cross-hatching.


I also used directional lines and, at times, an oval motion. More of a scribble, if I’m being honest. I am so used to layering and trying to fill in every little space that I got impatient. Unfortunately, this led to all my values ending up too dark. I knew that the shadows were not a deep black, but that’s how they turned out once I had to adjust the values as everything else became darker. However, I think I still managed to indicate the translucence of the sunglasses a little bit, and was able to leave a few areas of highlight. I prefer the look of the right lens to the left, even though as I mentioned it is not in proper perspective. I like how it looks rounded and gradually transitions from lighter to darker areas.


For my first drawing in ink, I think I did well. I’m happy with it considering my lack of experience with this medium. I think it is something I would definitely try out again, but I admit that right now I’m still unlikely to do anything more involved than a small sketch. It might benefit me to try out different methods of cross-hatching before even attempting to complete a sketch. When I’m not working on another project, perhaps I will pursue this. I do have another colored pencil project in the works, which I hope to be able to share with you in the next few weeks!


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