Simple Silhouette

Today I have something super simple for you: a small silhouette (like my alliteration?). Why did I choose this little project? Because lately I have had absolutely no motivation to draw. And what better way to get myself started drawing again than something simple, with little detail and minimal tools needed?

One barrier to getting started was paper size. So instead of confronting a full 11×14 page, I folded the paper into quarters and just drew within one of the four quadrants.

I used a plain old Bic fine point pen for my initial sketch:


And then filled in the silhouette with black Tombow brush pen. Boom, done. I did try to use directionally accurate brush strokes, but I also let myself leave some imperfections. To give it a little character, or something. I’m not sure that the actual pose comes across entirely (she is trying to tie the bow on the back of her dress), but does that really matter in the scheme of things?


I think the silhouette looks pretty, and I feel like doing it may have given me that little push I needed to start making some art again.


How do you get yourself going when you’re not feeling motivated to do artwork?


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