New Watercolors

For Christmas, a friend gave me a set of handmade watercolors from Jazper Stardust. They came in this little metal pan, each carefully wrapped separately.


I adore the colors in this palette, and eventually I would like to tackle a full painting with these shades only. But for now, I did a quick swatch of each color and a small figure (inspired by a character in my Umbrella Scene). I love how she looks hanging out next to the swatches.


As someone who is used to drawing rather than painting, is it any surprise that I forgot that watercolors need to dry before you add the next color? (At least, as far as the effect I was going for here. I think of my technique as “drawing with paint,” which I hope to write about here in the future.)

This little watercolor attempt is definitely sloppy, but still somewhat charming, I think.


As far as the experience of using these watercolors, I found that they were super subtle compared to my tubed paints (which is great for achieving certain lovely effects). I wasn’t sure how to get around the fact that the small palettes simply did not want to accept a bigger brush, so I stuck with my 3/8in. oval wash brush. Probably not the correct choice at all, but also one of the higher quality brushes I happen to have.

So here I am, stumbling into the world of watercolor once again. I’ll keep you updated as I continue my work with this medium.


  1. Very innovative! First you brought out the “colored pencil painting” technique (which I use all the time), now “drawing with paint.” I’ll definitely look forward to reading more on how that works. I don’t paint at all, but it sounds very interesting

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