Drawing Cats and Dogs

This week I didn’t produce anything new, so I am taking you back in time to some of my old art. Specifically, drawings I have done of cats and dogs.

Now, cats and dogs are not easy to draw. For me, anyway. They have such distinct expressions, not to mention fur patterns. If I remember correctly, a lot of erasing went into these drawings. But I ended up with some relatively successful work that I’ll share with you here.

I tried to put the pictures in chronological order of when I drew them but I’m not sure if I succeeded. Some are pencil drawings, others charcoal.

I hope you enjoy these pet portraits!



img_0150.jpg (4)Hildy


img_2837Dakota (my dog!)



img_1355 (1)Munster

dsc00022Miss Kitty

img_2856Phoebe (my current cat. I never could get this one exactly right)

That’s all for today! How do you go about drawing pet portraits? Do you find them difficult, or easy?


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