Sketch: A Girl and her Dog

This week I tried something a little bit different. My original intention was to complete an entire sketch using hatching only (straight, parallel lines, no blending). I wouldn’t start over, although I did allow myself to erase. Below is the beginning stage of the hatched sketch. (I started the drawing with a 4 H pencil but switched to a standard 2 HB—a darker pencil—to complete it.) You can see where, on the shirt, I couldn’t resist crossing the hatches…


I liked the effect of the hatching on the curtains, especially, but not in the rest of the drawing. While my goal had been to try something different, it just didn’t feel like my own style; in trying this new style, my own style seemed lost. Aside from the curtains, I just didn’t like how the drawing was looking. So I turned to my tried and true side-of-the-pencil blending. I also turned the rest of the hatching to cross-hatching, which felt like a mistake but worked out all right in the end (I think).


The final product became an interesting mixture of the style I first attempted and my own familiar style, with the crosshatching visible beneath the layered pencil. While I’m sure more could be done on this sketch, I am satisfied that the experiment is finished. My conclusion is that I ended up with a sketch that I like/ is relatively successful, but failed at my original plan. Perhaps in the future I will return to my hatching attempts and force myself to continue (or start over until I learn proper line placement—because to be honest, I don’t actually know how to approach hatching an entire drawing. Imagine, I almost tried this drawing in ink!)

So, how did I do? Did I make a mistake by abandoning the hatching, or was my instinct to go with my usual style the best thing for this drawing?



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