Pet Portrait: Bodo

I worked on this drawing for a few weeks, and finally finished it! This was drawn as a gift for Bodo’s owner. (You can see some of her previous pups, Cammy and Hildy, in my Drawing Cats and Dogs post.)

I couldn’t possibly take enough progress pictures to show the entire layering process for such a complicated piece, but I did take a few. I think you can really see how the drawing came to life and became more of a “painting.”

While I didn’t get the colors entirely accurate (I’m still learning about that part of working with colored pencils), I’m happy with the expression and the general effects I was able to achieve for the different parts of the face and the fur. At one point someone pointed out to me that there was something off about the nose, so you can see in the final drawing that I corrected it by straightening it out.

In the picture I worked from, Bodo was actually lying down, but I wanted to portray a sort of regal “head shot,” and I think I accomplished that.

Following are all the progress pictures I took, from the beginning sketch to the final piece. I love seeing how a simple outline can be turned into something so expressive.

I signed the piece on the back, because I didn’t want it to be about me—Bodo is the star!


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