Art Challenge Days 1-6

So inevitably I got way behind on the challenge (over a week at this point). A few days ago I decided to conquer a couple of days at a time to try to catch up. I photographed the challenges two days at a time, as I am drawing two per page. I think the flower from Day 2 turned out quite nicely, although part of me regrets not having used color. At least it goes along with the pig in terms of style.


For days 3-4 I used a somewhat different style. I wasn’t necessarily trying to stylize so much, but using my Tombow brush pens ended up giving that effect. For context: my husband and I are buying a house and I am looking forward to being “Queen of my Castle”! My favorite food is, of course, mac and cheese, but more specifically I prefer it to be made with cavatappi pasta and cheddar cheese.


Days 5-6 I returned to a simple sketching style. I didn’t spend as much time on these as I would have liked to/ would have if I hadn’t gotten behind. But I’m happy with how they turned out anyway, especially the one on the left. It is one of my favorite pictures from my wedding, hugging my Dad, and I put it in a super fancy frame! One of my favorite activities is definitely listening to audiobooks on Audible. Podcasts are good too—especially when I’m doing dishes.



Is anyone else drawing a lot in September? Link your art pages and I will take a look!

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