2 Years of Drawing Through

A few days ago, WordPress notified me that I have been blogging for two years! I haven’t done much art lately, and definitely nothing in color, but I feel like I should post something to commemorate the occasion. I used to do some collage, and this one is pretty cool because it’s 3-D, with the butterfly wings coming off the page. I arranged the pieces how I wanted them, took a picture to remember the layout, and then glued everything down and trimmed the edges. Maybe I will get back into collage one of these days (but I don’t have all the magazine subscriptions that I used to, which is where I got the majority of my materials…)

In progress: (Was I seriously eating chocolate frosting out of the container during this process?? Who can relate?)


The finished product:

DSC01533 (2)

Butterfly Collage, 2011

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